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VitalSource Textbook Program

Information Regarding LCU's Textbook Program 


Vital Source Information for Fall and Spring Terms


 If a class requires a physical textbook:

       -books can be picked up at the Bookstore

       -books will be available for pickup on the first day of class

       -books must be returned to the bookstore if the class is dropped

       -books not picked up by the last day of class for your term will be forfeited*

       -to have a book shipped visit


Most classes will use digital material which will be available on the first day of class through Canvas.


 Accessing digital material:

       -log in to your Canvas and find your class

       -for eBooks- click on the VitalSource link then Read Now

       -for courseware requiring an access code- click on the VitalSource link then

         Reveal Access Code


* The Bookstore will send out several notifications via LCU email reminding students to pick up any physical books.  If these books are not picked up by the last class day of the student's term, the student will still be charged for these materials via their student account and abandoned items will become property of the school.

Information for Summer Terms Only


 Summer courses do not participate in the Vital Source Student Success Program.


 Most courses will utilize digital materials through Inclusive Access. These digital materials will be charged to student accounts when the term begins. The cost for IA digital materials varies with each course.


 The deadline to opt out of any summer term digital material for a course requiring Inclusive Access is June 3, 2024.  To opt out, visit the course in Canvas then click on the Vital Source link and choose the opt out option under that course material. Once opted out, students are responsible for securing the course materials on their own.


 Some courses are not utilizing Inclusive Access and may require a physical textbook.  These textbooks are available for purchase at the university bookstore. 

 Please contact the Bookstore if you need assistance accessing any material. 

 You can stop by during hours, email or call us at 318.487.7630